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Permits at Norfolk Island

The Norfolk Island National Park and Botanic Garden is a Commonwealth reserve established under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the EPBC Act) to manage the park for the benefit of all people, present and future. The Director of National Parks, also established under the EPBC Act, uses a permit system to help regulate some activities. Permits may be issued subject to conditions that help to identify, protect, conserve and manage biodiversity, heritage and other values of national parks. This is a system through which industry and the public can share in the responsibilities of managing and protecting the park.

Not all non-commercial activities require a permit. Please contact the park on 0011 6723 22695 or email parksonlinefeedback@environment.gov.au to determine whether or not you need a permit for your particular activity.

Apply well in advance

Please allow a minimum of 28 days for the permit application to be processed. If your tour commences in less than 28 days’ time, please contact the park on 0011 6723 22695 or email parksonlinefeedback@environment.gov.au.

Further information

Park Manager

Phone: 0011 6723 22695
Email: parksonlinefeedback@environment.gov.au

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