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Permits at Pulu Keeling

Pulu-Keeling National Park is a Commonwealth reserve established under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the EPBC Act) to manage the environment of the region for the benefit of all people, present and future. The Director of National Parks, also established under the EPBC Act, uses a permit system to help regulate access to, and activities on, Pulu Keeling National Parks. Permits may be issued subject to conditions that help to identify, protect, conserve and manage biodiversity, heritage and other values of Commonwealth reserves. This is a system through which industry and the public can share in the responsibilities of managing and protecting the reserve.

When a permit is needed

You will need to apply for this permit if you wish to conduct filming, videoing, photography or art in or of Pulu-Keeling National Park for commercial purposes. Commercial purposes means carrying out an activity with intent of a reward, i.e. money, merchandise or services, or the possibility of future reward (if done for financial reward or commercial gain, under contract or consignment for another person, and/or with a view to being sold or hired out, or for promotion/advertising of a product or service).

Please make sure you and your staff (if any) are familiar with, and adhere to, the permit conditions of any permits you are issued with. Breaching permit conditions may lead to the permit being suspended or cancelled.


Park Manager

Phone: +61 8 9162 6678
Email: parksonlinefeedback@environment.gov.au

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